Concrete for Foundations

Kent provide concrete for foundations that is versatile, easily placed, durable and specifically designed for lightweight, domestic applications.

Once placed, concrete footings and foundations should be ready for brickwork after just 24 hours, so your project can continue with minimum downtime.

  • Concrete house foundations
  • Domestic garage foundations

  • Conservatory foundations

  • Home extension foundations

  • Concrete wall foundations

Domestic concrete foundations can also be used for out-buildings such as sheds and summerhouses, and supporting structures such as retaining walls and patios.

Driveway Concrete

The team at Kent can provide driveway concrete that has been specifically designed to accommodate lightweight domestic vehicles.

Depending on your requirements, our driveway concrete can be mixed with certain additives to provide additional strength or shorten curing times. Additional benefits include:

  • Easily maintained

  • Quick and easy to place

  • Cost effective

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Versatile and adaptable

Concrete for driveways can also be used as a sturdy sub-base or foundation layer for a more decorative driveway finish, such as paving or patterned concrete.

Shed Base Concrete

Shed base concrete from Kent is ideal for a number of domestic, outdoor applications, providing a versatile, cost effective and easily placed alternative to paving or timber bearing.

Once placed, our concrete bases provide a long lasting and durable structure for building on or using as a storage area, seating area or play area.

  • Concrete bases

  • Garden shed bases

  • Log cabins & outhouses

  • Garden cabins & summerhouses

  • Concrete gazebos & patios

Garden Concrete

Here at Kent, our expert team can provide a range of concrete types and specialist mixes, specifically design for outdoor applications and gardening.

No matter whether you require concrete for a simple path or patio, as a base for paving or for a large scale landscaping project, our garden concrete is the ideal solution.

  • Easily maintained

  • Quick and easy to place

  • Cost effective

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Versatile and adaptable